Christopher Fairchild

Teaching and helping to continue to evolve these special programs has been the blessing of my life, second only to being a Dad to my 6’4”, redheaded Son, Alex. (Now a major volunteer for our donated classes “Food Angel Programs)

They say you teach what you need to learn. That couldn’t be any truer than it has been with me. Raised an only child of a struggling, single Mom in the 70’s, all I wanted to do was sing, play the piano and guitar, dance, write songs and paint.

Sadly, because of this I became a target in our rural community. I was different. For being different I was bullied so badly I was hospitalized twice before I was 13 years old. I still have dents on the left hand side of my face and on my neck where my throat was cut.

Mom survived (what was originally diagnosed, when I was 9, as terminal) throat cancer. We did, sometimes suffer housing and food security issues and for a time I became a homeless youth..

Through it all, I was getting all this empowering input from the part of my life where I was expressing myself.. From my voice teacher, Maria Lazaro of the Metropolitan Opera, San Diego Junior Theater, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and believe it or not, Carol Burnett! (More on Her later)

It was the arts! That’s what saved my life! Not only my life but my own self ownership! Without these amazing, best kept secret, tools of self expression only performing artists usually learn, I have no idea where I would be today!

True necessity has been the inventor of these empowering programs. Being life long students of human potential, healing and self-expression, our programs are ever evolving. And, now the round table of advisors continues to grow.

I can’t even tell you how wonderful it feels to get to hold the flashlight on the path, for a C.E.O. or a youth suffering homelessness, to let go and finally feel free! Free to be ALL of who THEY are right now!!!

It feels so good to be free!

Hm.. sounds like a song title…

Love, music and light

Christopher Fairchild
Founder and Director