Our Clients Words...

From coaching and supporting A-List celebrities and industry leaders to working families struggling with homelessness, mental illness or
abuse recovery, the gift of these special programs remains the same. Since 1989, we have been building educational bridges for everyone to finally feel safe to be seen, understood, cared about and celebrated!

Here is some of the praise we have received from some of our, now over 4,500 graduates want you to know about how Healing Out Loud™ has changed their lives!

I would just like to take time out to personally thank you. The gift you have to love and train youth is beyond amazing. Learning from you was truly an honor. I've watched you give love and kindness to students who have never learned that before and it's amazing how it really can change a person's life. Your ability to not have funding but drive every week to teach students (some of whom don't show up or truly appreciate it) shows the love you really have. You have changed my life in a way no one ever has or will. You've given me the strength to express myself but feel empowered. You've healed scars from my past and changed all the can't and won't to do and yes I can. I'm really grateful and thankful to have met you and been in your class. - Cassy

I am really glad I found Healing Out Loud because after I left my performing arts college, I felt a little lost but I found some new friends and a great environment to express myself that's full of love and light. - Jojo

This class has given me the opportunity to expand my abilities, tap into parts of my soul that I'd put on hold, and really truly find MY voice among the deafening roar of the world. It has allowed me to really grow as an artist and person. - Willow

Healing Out Loud has been a great experience. They taught me how to open up and feel comfort on stage, and I made great friends along the way. These are lessons I can take with me into other aspects of my life. I greatly appreciate what everyone at Healing Out Loud has done for me. - Raphael

I've been homeless several times this summer and the Healing Out Loud class was there to help my through those experiences. I feel enriched and I have attained the stepping stool needed to reach my goals. They provide a constructive environment in order to improve. You have to experience the class! I've really met people I can connect with throughout my life. - Ivan

I would like to thank Christopher and all of Healing Out Loud teachers for being amazing and generous, and for passing down all these great life lessons! This program has inspired and taught me that with a little hard work, you dreams are possible. - Destin

First I have to thank Christopher Fairchild for being the most amazing vocal mentor ever! Being in this class has opened my mind, heart and soul to the beauty of singing. I've had many hardships and obstacles but music has aided me to move forward. Through this class I saw my talent and recognized it. After this the story of my life is going to begin in a new, improved chapter. Robbie

Taking Christopher's class really helped me get the finishing touches that I needed and that every performing artist should know; from teaching standing postures to breathing techniques and many more fun and interactive skills. There is something about Christopher that when he's in the room, you feel the air and ambient change and there is an invisible warm, kind hearted bond that is build within each specific class and ties nothing but support and happiness on everyone. When I sing in Christopher's class, his guidance helped me tie my skills and emotions to the song, making it even more special. It is an honor to have taken his classes and it is life-changing with transformations not only in my life but in the class as well. - Edwin

This class began an an accidental discovery. It's become so much more than that. Thank you to the wonderful friends I have made and those who I reconnected with. This has been a wonderful experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Lastly, I want to thank Christopher, Linda and all of the volunteer educators for fostering such growth, both vocally and personally. - Kimiko

Taking the "Healing Out Loud" workshop with the Loving and understand Christopher has been completely life-changing for me. My name is Cosmic and I dream Big to be a great performer one day. I have never experienced such a comfortable and supportive environment. I have gained more confidence and I feel so blessed to experience such a wonderful presence.
- Cosmic 

I have studied at MI and in my year there I have not grown as quickly and strongly.  It hasbeen a blessing and I will never forget it. -Ziion 

"Either you run the day or the day runs you." I've realized that singing reflects life. You have your ups and downs but in the end you've got to push through the challenges and have one thing in mind. That is to run the show. - Ifeoma

I feel truly blessed to be in the presence of such an amazing and sincere soul...Christopher! Although the program was 8 weeks, the light and love that illuminated from Christopher will last a lifetime. He took all of us under his wing and nurtured each of us as we discovered our voice! - Amber

I am so grateful for Christopher, the Healing Out Loud volunteers for giving me the opportunity to find my voice. I have found wonderful community where I feel free to be me. Thank you to all my friends and family for the unconditional support and love in my life. - Christine